Swapping Again: Apple For Android?

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Are you considering switching from Apple to Android? If you’re thinking about selling your old phone, it might be time to invest in a new operating system too. Whether you’re looking to sell an old phone or just getting fed up with being tied to one system, here’s the best way to make a move from Apple to Android.

Time to Sell Your Phone?

If you’re coming to the end of a contract, it might be worth selling your model if you’re moving from Apple to Android. Or you may find that your phone is cracked, slow, several models out of date, or has even stopped working. If any of these factors are affecting your phone, even damaged models can be sold. You can even recycle old or broken models if you can’t sell them on directly.

Don’t forget to wipe your phone before selling or recycling. For an iPhone, you will need to ensure you log out and turn off your Apple ID before resetting and erasing all data. Make sure that find my phone is switched off, and your iMessages are disabled too. 

How To Backup Data For Android and Apple

Apple backups can be done through your computer or the cloud, depending on your preference. An iCloud update will require a WiFi connection, and you can select iCloud backup from your settings. This can be synced daily to avoid losing essential data. You can also update your iPhone via a Mac OS or via iTunes on a PC. 

Android apps have more varied backup options, but most popularly is done via Google. You can upload your photos to Google Photos for free, and also Google Drive for all other file types. You can use the Android Backup Service to back up your app settings. Do this by going to your Android phone settings and selecting Backup and Restore. Then turn on the “Back up my data switch” to back up your phone. You can also use other third-party services like Amazon Drive, or install the Android File Transfer app to back up to your PC.

How To Transfer Files From Apple To Android

If you’ve already got a new Android phone, depending on the manufacturer, you might be able to transfer files using an existing app. For instance, Samsung offers the Samsung Smart Switch app to transfer data between devices, while Sony Xperia and Huawei also have similar transfer apps. You should be able to do this via iCloud or PC. SHAREit is a universal app that allows for iPhone to Android transfer.

If you want to transfer specific file types rather than all of them, there are different ways of moving across each item. For example, music transferred from iTunes can be uploaded to your computer and then on to your Android device. Any non-iTunes music can be copied across using software like TouchCopy or Mobile Trans – Phone Transfer. Both apps can also move across photos, videos, calendars and contacts to your new device. If you don’t have access to a PC, Google Drive is also a great way to transfer calendars and contacts across operating systems.

How To Transfer Files From Android to Apple

Apple has it’s very own “Move to iOS” app to help with file transfers to iPhone models with iOS 9 and higher. It transfers most data other than music, passwords and apps. When setting up your new iPhone, when you get to the section “Data and Apps”, you can select the “Move Data From Android” option. Once you install “Move to iOS” on your phone, you can Accept Permissions, and make sure you have your Apple and Android device both on. Open the app, add the twelve-digit password from your new iPhone into the older Android model, and the file transfer will start, including your Google Account info so you can log in from your iPhone. You can then proceed with the rest of your phone setup. 

For transferring music, using Mobile Trans – Phone Transfer should allow you to transfer files over to your new iPhone. Apps will, unfortunately, need to be downloaded again from the Apple store. It is also possible to transfer files using your PC to move them from Android to your PC, then PC to your iPhone.

Final Thoughts

In general, it seems like Android has far more options to help with transferring all file types (including music). However, in classic Apple style, the transfer of content from Android to Apple is all done during the iPhone setup with a handy Apple app. If you’re looking to sell your phone and make the switch to Apple, we hope these tips make the transition to your new operating system much more straightforward.